Progress Land


Negotiation and Acquisition of:

Pipeline Rights-of-Way
Surface Leases
Fibre-optic Rights-of-Way
Utility Easements
Powerline Easements
Land Assembly
Railway Right of Way
Peat Bog Leases
Damage Settlements
Claim Negotiations
Rental Reviews
Crossing Agreements
Ground Disturbance Notifications

Public Consultation For:

NEB Guidelines for Filing
ERCB Directive 35,56, 60 and 71
Public Awareness Programs -
(NEB and ERCB)
Pipeline Maintenance Programs
Preliminary Route Selection and Refinement
Consent to Surveys- (Soil Sampling,
Archaeological, Environmental and Legal)
Emergency Response Database
Market Evaluations  

Preparation of Evidence and attendance before:

National Energy Board
Surface Rights Board
Land Compensation Board
Alberta Court of Queens Bench




Project Management and Coordination:

Survey Attendance
Construction Attendance
Quality Control Inspection
Computerized Land Titles and Registry
Document Registration
Document and Line List Preparation


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